Your company is probably one of the top decision support cost accounting, or analytics vendors in the healthcare industry. Your clients rely heavily on the analytics your application produces every day. However, the analytics your application produces are only as good as the underlying data, its integrity, and the accuracy of its.

Impensa’s razor sharp focus is ensuring accurate cost data. With our extensive experience, Impensa can assist you by providing your clients with the following value-added services to enhance the data integrity in support of your clients’ analytics.

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Baseline Analysis

Your clients are all at different places on their cost accounting journey. They need to be met where they are and guided down the path to streamline and enhance as they are able. The Impensa “Baseline Analysis” is a current state assessment of their existing cost accounting process along with the source data and assumptions that support it. We meet your clients where they are and develop a roadmap to provide them the required guidance and resources to achieve their goals.

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Supply Chain Integration

To support your success with detailed supply item costing, your clients item master must be complete clean, and routinely updated. The issues we typically find in supply costing stem from an incomplete and spotty item master. This makes the interoperability of this valuable data non-existent. By utilizing our supply chain "Impensa Master Data," we can process your client's item master and PO spend data. We then cleanse, organize, and map item cost detail to ensure transparency and accuracy of detailed item cost flowing into your cost accounting application.

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Cost Development

In support of your cost accounting application implementation, Impensa can supplement your implementation services, by focusing on cost development and integration efforts. From traditional RVU development to activity-based event-based, and time-driven methodologies, our automated data capture and methodologies unique for each department will provide the most accurate cost available to be exported into your cost accounting application.

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Cost Outsourcing

Your clients are also at varying levels of ability and staffing to keep the cost methodologies and the source data inputs maintained. It’s imperative that they appropriately maintain their cost accounting process to preserve their investment and to maximize the integrity of their cost accounting data and in turn, their analytics.

Impensa can provide your clients with a turn-key maintenance program, where we assume all of the required maintenance activities and responsibilities for the cost development process. We work closely with you and your clients to ensure the highest level of data integrity in their cost data.

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