Data Integrity

Your company is delivering next generation ERP software, process redesign, or deployment services to transform your healthcare customers, so they can focus on delivering the best patient care. However, the data validation phase is threatening project timelines and burning consulting hours and customer staff schedules. Accurate data is a key success factor for timely deployment and overall customer satisfaction. Our extensive healthcare product database will accurately standardize any amount of disparate data for your project.


Enhanced, Interoperable Data

Building product information that supports the different business functions throughout the cycle of a patient product from purchasing to patient to reimbursement requires a tailored data management approach. Much of the industry struggles with accuracy of product categories, general ledger, cost activity codes, and HCPCS codes. The “Impensa Master Data” has a prebuilt set of “Flex” categories that enable the granularity needed to power a next generation ERP and enable Service Line Management and Analytics.


Optimization and Maintenance

Faster, more accurate ERP deployments through data improvements can shift your company from project-based work to longer term service agreements that focus on data maintenance, monitoring, and advancing processes and analytics.

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