CostCloud® - Our Master Data Platform



CostCloud® is a master data platform providing a single source of truth for healthcare medical product data. With extensive attributes and categorization, it provides standardization and enables interoperability and transparency of product data.


CostCloud® Analytics leverages our standardized and categorized dimensional data to provide transparency into medical products, including supply spend, contract compliance, and patient/physician consumption.

Cost Master

CostCloud® Cost Master is an innovative, streamlined process for capturing the actual cost of a patient, and providing enhanced accuracy and visibility in support of cost analytics.
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Cost Reduction Opportunities

CostCloud® Master Data standardization and categorization from the supply chain through patient consumption provides transparency and visibility into cost reduction opportunities.
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Contract Compliance
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Clinical Variation
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Comparative Pricing


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ERP Conversions

CostCloud® integrates an extensive dataset that provides current, clean, standardized and enriched item master data to support rapid implementation and interoperability of your Cloud-ERP, EMR & RevCycle solutions.
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EMR Clinical Documentation

CostCloud® integrates medical supplies, devices and pharmaceuticals into the clinical documentation process promoting patient safety, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance.
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Data Management

CostCloud® provides Item Master maintenance, a cleansing process to update and complete outdated and incomplete items, as well as the required GTIN mappings for each item.
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Cost Accounting Integration

CostCloud® provides a clean mapping and categorization of supply chain item cost to advanced cost accounting applications supporting accurate "true cost" integration and margin analytics.

Those We’ve Helped

“I have worked with Dave and Doug for over 20 years, and they continue to be my go-to resource for cost accounting guidance. They are experts and innovators in healthcare cost accounting.”
Andy Ferguson

Vice President, Financial Planning, Analysis & Business Intelligence

Prisma Health, Greenville, SC

“The value Impensa provides as a cost accounting partner is unmatched. They always go the extra mile and provide exceptional insight and service.”
Rick Bacon

Executive Director, FInancial Planning & Decision Support

The University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL

“The Impensa team has a long history of providing innovative cost accounting strategies. They are experts at streamlining and enhancing the cost development process.”
John Orsini

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

“Impensa Master Data (IMD) is one of the largest supply chain datasets available. Their unique cost cycle management process enhances data integrity and provides exceptional transparency into cost data”
Les Rescorl

Chief Executive Officer

Sixth Sense Intelligence LLC,

“Impensa has been an invaluable resource to Clinical Intelligence and our clients. Their extensive expertise in the cost cycle process has provided our clients streamlined and enhanced cost accounting transparency within our ClinView® platform.”
Laurie Jaccard

Founder and President

Clinical Intelligence LLC,