Spend Analytics

CostCloud® processes hospital PO spend and invoice transactions to match and identify products. This provides standardization and categorization to create dimensional data to support spend analytics. Extensive attributes, including our proprietary 4-level i-FLEX™ categorization, provides broad transparency and visibility into supply chain spend.
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Contract Analytics

With access to our clients contract data, CostCloud® matches the actual PO spend data to the contract data to identify on and off contract spend.  Contract compliance and savings analysis are highlighted for all contract categories by manufacturer group, brand & product.


Patient Analytics

CostCloud® processes, standardizes, and categorizes patient supply utilization from the EMR surgical logs, through its EMR Virtual Item Master, to identify supply cost consumption by patient, procedure and physician providing extensive transparency and visibility into supply product usage.

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Opportunity Analytics

CostCloud® processes hospital PO spend, supply chain contract, and patient utilization data all which is standardized, categorized, and matched to comparative pricing data.  This provides opportunity highlights for cost-reduction through product benchmarks, contract pricing and clinical variation. 

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