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Impensa® Master Data

Impensa® Master Data is our supply chain medical products catalog containing over 8+ million healthcare products.  The data has been curated, standardized and categorized into 5 drill-down levels of our proprietary i-FLEX™ categorization.  In addition, select product data is bar-coded and enhanced with GTIN, HCPCS & Rev Codes to support interoperability and analytics, and can be matched to your contract data.

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Product Matching

Our product identification and matching process utilizes Impensa® Master Data and our sophisticated data matching engine to cleanse, update and complete the hospital item master; normalize, standardize, and categorize all product items; and create a single source of truth for a solid data foundation that supports system interoperability.


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Enriched Data

Through our 5-level i-FLEX™ categorization and our extended item attributes, our enriched data provides extensive visibility into a health system's spend across the entire organization.  Whether you are going through an ERP conversion, a merger/acquisition or a cost reduction initiative, our data provides the integrity, interoperability and transparency required to support analytics and confident, data-driven decisions.

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