ComparativePricing (1)

Comparative Pricing

Upon completion of the standardization, the high-cost product category is selected (i.e. Stents, Spine, Ortho Implants, Heart Values, Pacers, Trauma, etc.) along with other query criteria, and price points are derived from our extensively curated dataset to provide pricing guidance and comparison by percentage quartiles.
ContractCompliance (1)

Contract Compliance

With access to our clients contract data, CostCloud® matches the actual PO spend data to the contract data to evaluate compliance identifying on and off contract spend.  The cost-savings opportunities are highlighted for the items off-contract, as well as next tier opportunities for the on-contract spend.

ClinicalVariation (1)

Clinical Variation

CostCloud® processes, standardizes, and categorizes patient supply consumption from the EMR surgical logs, through its EMR Virtual Item Master, to identify supply cost variation by procedure and physician and to highlight cost-reduction opportunities.

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