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Challenges of Trunk Stock and Hidden Procedure Spend
Rob Corley 25 June 2024

“Trunk stock” delivered by medical device representatives can account for 20 to 30 percent or more of the spend for procedures in mid-size or larger hospitals. Also ...

Revolutionizing Costing in Healthcare - Think Twice Before "Backing Into" Supply Acquisition Cost
Doug Morrell 21 February 2023

Despite numerous advances in healthcare financial analytics, cost accounting continues to get tripped up by the same old issues. If you've been in the field for more than ...

Revolutionizing Costing in Healthcare - Seven Steps to Cost Accounting Heaven
Doug Morrell 28 November 2022

I always suspected Dan Michelson, former President and CEO of Strata Decisions, to be a music lover. Or more specifically, a jazz aficionado. After all, the central module in the Strata product ...

Revolutionizing Costing in Healthcare - Clinical Pharmacy 340b Drugs
Doug Morrell 4 November 2022

Cost accounting in the Pharmacy has always been a difficult proposition. Many drugs are billed in increments mandated ...

Revolutionizing Costing in Healthcare - Solving Challenges in Clinical Laboratory
Doug Morrell 24 October 2022

The cost accounting world has become enamored in the past several years with the promise of Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) putting an end ...

Revolutionizing Costing in Healthcare - Trunk Stock and Cost Accounting
Doug Morrell 17 October 2022

The term “trunk stock” might conjure up a host of images. The trunk of a car (usually a mess). A shoe store near me has a “trunk sale” every year. Of course, there’s that appendage on an elephant. ...

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